Sports Betting 101 – Understanding the Different Types of Sports Betting

If you’ve ever gotten caught up in a college basketball game or professional football game, you’ve likely heard of spread betting. This method is used to make games more even, as the spread is calculated based on the expected difference in the final score. It also allows you to bet on a team that will either win by a large margin or lose by a small margin. Point spread bets are typically 11 to 10 odds, which means that a $100 bet on the favorite will win you a total of $21 if the team loses by only one point.

Another type of bet is called a teaser or pleaser. Both are types of wagers that move points away from a team if they win. In the case of a pleaser, you’ll receive good odds if your team wins by more than the pointspread. A six-point pleaser between two teams will land you +600 odds, or 6-to-1. Keep in mind that you have to bet on all parts of the teaser or parlay to win.

The best way to predict the outcome of a match is by betting on the first goal. This is one of the most popular types of bets. Another popular type of bet is anytime goalscorer, which is betting on a player to score any time during a game. You can also place bets on a team to score as many goals as they can. In addition, you can place a parlay to make your bets pay off in a row.

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