Sports Betting Options


Futures betting is a great way to bet on sports without having to see the game. The odds for any event are based on the probability of that event taking place. High probability events are less risky and therefore will not pay out as much as low probability ones. The opposite is true for low probability events. Higher risk events pay out more and will usually have higher odds, but with higher risk comes a higher reward. Typically, sports betting options will offer two sides and some will offer multiple sides.

The value of a point spread can be calculated using the closing line. When a team is favored by more than six points, the total is higher than the final score. In sports, betting on the spread will result in a push. The bettor will get his money back if the line falls exactly on the line. If a team wins by 10 or 14 points, the wager is a push. In addition to point spread betting, there is also player prop betting, which is a way to bet on a specific player.

If you want to have a long-term betting strategy, unit sizing is crucial. When placing a moneyline bet, you’re simply picking a winner and don’t need to worry about other betting lines. For example, if you bet $135 on the Bulls to beat the Pistons, you would win $100. In contrast, betting against the spread involves wagering one’s money against a set line set by the sportsbook.

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