Types of Sports Betting


There are many different ways to bet on sporting events. You can bet on the overall winner, the next place, the total number of goals scored in association football, the total yards in American football, or even on a baseball player’s number of hits. There are many types of sports betting, including parlays. Most sportsbooks will allow you to place bets on two sides of a particular game. In a parlay, you place bets on the outcome of multiple events, and if all your selections win, you win.

To make a half-time bet, you place your wager after the first half of the game ends. You can place a bet on the spread or the over/under, or even pick two winners in a row. In American football, you can place a half-time bet if you think the first half is going to be close. In hockey, you can place a half-time bet if you predict the winner will score more than two goals.

You can also make futures bets, which involve placing wagers on an event that is several weeks or more in the future. This is great for predicting outcomes, but you should be aware that you’re locking your money into a long-term wager. A star player getting injured can greatly affect a team’s championship chances. Or, a team’s momentum may be lost if it slumps for a long time.

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